Bologni Arreda is committed to ship every order within the less time possible from the order confirmation or the payment of the pro-forma invoice but we point out the following time table for the shipment:

  • - Mouldings: 20 working days
  • - Chop: 2 working days
  • - Open corner frames: 4 working days
  • - Closed corner frames: 15 working days


Only if you order a ready made frame with a mirror you have to consider an additional cost because of a much robust package and secure transport. The value will be count at the moment of the order.


The costs of the transport are added to the cost of the goods and could get some variations depending from the freight forwarders.


We kindly recommend to our customers to control the received boxes. If there is a damage the customer has to write it on the transport document, check the goods and signal to us with this attached document:

  • - a copy of the transport document;
  • - the pictures of the damaged.

If the customer see the damaged on the received items has to communicate within 2 weeks from the delivery. We do not accept to receive back the goods after 90 days from the delivery. Giving back the goods is allowed only through the written authorization of our company. If we receive the goods without having an agreement with the customer, we’ll not accept them and the transport cost will be charged to the customer itself.

*Bologni Arreda is allowed to apply changes to its products, in order to improve the production constraints, without any previous communications.