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Placed in the middle of Tuscany, close to Florence, Bologni Arreda started out its activity in the middle of the last century. After experiencing for a long period with the traditional Florentine furniture’s market, inspired by the wonderful Tuscan beauties, it was able to take advantage of its precious know-how


mainly for the production of mouldings and even for the realization of hand crafted frames, mirrors and photo frames, from the last years of 90s. Determination, enthusiasm and passion helped to do Bologni Arreda as a leader on the mouldings business all over the world. Our frames have a specific identity as look and touch and a certain application context as well. Many solutions and ideas could be realized.


TODAY | Leader into the international market

After 20 years of activity we have expanded our business network trying to produce the perfect items for a target market, satisfying with dynamism the customer needs.


Nowdays we are a solid reality in the framing business. Get in touch with us to become a part of our best customers group.. Hear you soon!